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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Well no one here can think of any ideas for my rattle chirp problem in the cab so I went ahead and bought products called

Brown Bread- a metal backed tar paper

VB2 by cascade audio- a Vinyl Sound deadener

Metal backed 1 inch Fiberglass

Lotsa silicone and vapor barriers

So far Ive spent 4 hours on the drivers door alone but ALL the rattles and chirps are gone (Plus I added something extra some Alpine Componet speaker YEHAW they sound great!!)

Also I found the rear bose speakers were not the original design for the car they were like an after thought the mount the the bose speaker box is really a mount for a 6x9 !! so I dumped some alpine speaker in there BOY THAT WAS EASY!! no cutting , factory grills were used just awsome!!

If anyone else has an Idea on how to put a 5 1/4 speaker in the front door fairly easy please lemme know AND/OR what size or the recommended speaker for the dash is I cant get to it to look without removing windshield please again lemme know
BigRed said:
...the dash is I cant get to it to look without removing windshield

There are two screws at the defroster outlet, and two in the middle just above the info center. There is also one on the driver's side near the headlight switch, and one on the passenger side just above the "breadbox". The dash pad will remove fairly easily after you remove those four-to-six screws (sometimes the one on the passenger side is missing). Just tilt your steering wheel down and lift the dash while pulling it back towards you. The are some clips that hold it down, so they might cause you some consternation, but a gentle tug should free it up.

Hope it helps ya. ;)
Not every Vette had the BOSE option............so not surprised 6x9's fit in back they were standard speaker size.......do you really have speakers in dash already?? just curious....I thought only the standard stereo had the speakers there.....the Bose system only used the 2 in door and rear.............hmmmm

btw...instructions & pics on how to remove the dash cover at our website under Dash pad tips
Great Im going to look at your site now! I see the grills for the dash speakers (unknown to me if there if there really is anything there or not ) but I sure would like to stick some tweets in there!

Also I did what you said I went under the dash pad (couple "brackets" for the screw to go in were missing (busted) which made life easier and harder at the same time Lol Im going to fully remove it tommorrow and see whats up under there

(Off topic) Vette sure is coming together quite nicey and I thank everyone here who has helped me out whether it was tranny or upgrades I have found from reference from here alot of good sites and I am expected a PILE of catalogs from Zip to Mid America

I am realizing that this car is going to be a life long project and it sure is fun working on it and customizing it (sometimes LOL) but next week the Rack and pinion will be replaced as well as the clutch and OFF TO THE TRACK I GO!!! YAHOO:beer

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