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Race Deck, etc. outdoors?



Hi all,

Boy, the garages and ideas here make me crazy! My four car family lives in a townhouse in Greater Vancouver BC with a single 10x20 semi-open carport just outside our front door :cry It's a strata complex so epoxy or similar permanent coating isn't allowed whereas a removable surface is.

I've searched around but I haven't found anyone who's installed a modular floor tile of some sort in an outdoor carport like mine.

Prevailing weather depends on the season but it's a western exposure to the front so it gets the afternoon sun. Standing at the front door looking out (west), it's open on on the north and west sides and closed on the south and east (front door).

The surface is 35 year old patched asphalt and certainly can't be called flat. Various 1/4 " puddles will form under a wet car or if the rain is blowing in.

Freezing temperatures are a concern here anywhere between late October and late April. Summer is rarely more that 85f tops unless we have some sort of inversion... Pretty much the same climate as Seattle, without as much rain ;)

There's some pictures of my wife's 280ZXT outside the carport on the sig website link.

Is Race Deck, Swisstrax, etc. even an option for this kind of application? Baby and I'd sure like to clean up the look. Wouldn't hurt the 'curb appeal' either.



I know there there are a few guys here in Edmonton that use Race Deck.
Seems to hold up to the weather here.

But they are covered garages... unheated but covered (less moisture)

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