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Radiador Replacement



Well after 20 years the old radiador has sprug a leak. I could probably salvage it but I decided to go for a new unit(she deserves it). My question is should I stick with GM or go with an aftermarket brand? I'm leaning towards GM to keep her stock but I'm always open to suggestions.:dance
aluminum ....$$$

There have been many posts here about replacement radiators / electric fans. Seems that for those who can afford it ... often choose Aluminum like BeCool, DeWitts, Griffin etc ... and are pleased w/ lowered operating temps. I recall the cheapest universal-fit Griffins start around $150-$175 ... while the direct-fit BeCools & DeWitts are hundreds more. I seem to recall that DeWitts offers authorized Harrison (GM) reproductions ... albeit at big $. I saw a source here for a direct-fit copper-brass (likely asian-made) for about $160 shipped ... if you need source I'll try & find it.
If you go GM

You will pay.. but it will be right. I've had good luck with aftermarket rad's ( in the Mid priced zone) but there's ALWAYS an Oh By the way thing that will gink you..slightly.

My next door neighbor is a parts wholesaler

You should hear the stories about radiators from 3rd world country suppliers.

It's VERY hard to pre test a new/rebuilt raidator unless you have a friend in the biz.

Its usually put it in & pray!

Since your car is pretty stock and you are not trying to cool 400 plus hsp, I would just stick with a direct replacement stock unit. In the end you will be happy with the ease of installation and the original fit and finish.
Stock it is. A little more$$ but heck if I can get another twenty years I won't have to worry about ever doing it again:)
Thanks for the input. It's off to buy a radiador.

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