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Hi tomas - AM/FM Stereo was available as a Corvette option in 1970. The regular production option (RPO) code was U79. The monophonic AM/FM radio RPO code was U69.

Hope that helps :).

- Colorado

This is what it looks like in 68.
69 , 70 and 71 only had different knobs.
The stereo radio had an external amplifier unit, nearly as big as the radio itself.

CorvetteForum has added software filters to their free home pages. As a result you cannot link to a graphic there for display anywhere but the CorvetteForum network. :( That is why no pic in my signature. :(

Yes, I found out as well.
When attaching a pic, it first shows up, but disappeares when returning to the page.
Makes it so much more difficult for us to post pics as all my pics are presently on an other forum side.
Well, I can still post the pic to your E-mail address if you like to have it.

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