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raedy for paintjop .How?


judas vette

Hi Vette people

Ihave a question .i raelly want to make a new paintjob.but i want to make it ready myself.the paintjob itself will remain in the hands of experts .how do i do it .people told me to do it with sand paper and to get rid of all the layers until the gelcoat (brown or silver colour).but iam not rally sure about it i dont want to do something which i will regret later .please does anybody have good information for me or a homepage where i can learn it how to do that .

Thank you very much JASON
Well you can start here http://members.aol.com/kstegath/articles/re_paint.htm
Also, do a gereral search on any search engine by typing in the words corvette paint removal and you will get hundreds of testimonials of others who have taken on this project.
I've read several accounts of do-it-yourselfers that stated it takes about 100-150 hours to do a proper job. Before you start try to get an old piece of fiberglass and test it with whatever method you choose before you begin on your project.
Good Luck and let us know your progress.

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