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"rare vettes"


Her 92

rare vettes

Thanks Art!

That's a neat site! :cool I have a friend in the Dallas area who has built a cobra replica but I think he put in a GM motor also rather than the Ford. I've seen him post on the forum once, maybe he'll cruise by again. :) :w


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May 8, 2001
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
1976 Bright yellow L82 4-speed
OK, since we are on the topic of "rare" Vettes, I have a question for someone...

It's easy to determine how many of a particular option were produced in any given year. Is there any way to determine how many cars were produced with a particular series of options?

For example, my Vette is a '76 L-82 (5,368 produced), 4-speed (2,088 produced), Gymkhana suspension (5,368 produced), and positraction (1,000+ produced). To my knowledge, it has all the performance options available that year. Is there any way to tell how many were produced that way?

I promise never to call my car "rare," but would like to consider it "unusual," given that its vintage falls right in the middle of the low-performance years of the mid-70's.

Wolverine:nono :nono :nono


Rare Vettes

I am the proud owner of a 1971 LT-1 convertible. How rare is that? That's the question I have always had. I know there were some 1900 LT-1s built in 71. That year the total production of cars was about 14,000 coupes and 7,000 convertibles. If I use those productions numbers in my case that means that 600+ were convertibles. I have had some say that because LT-1's were racers that the more ridged frame of a coupe was more desirable and that the production number for convertibles could have been as low as 500. Who knows. All I know is that I LOVE the old girl and she runs like a scalded dogggggg.

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rare vettes

IMHO, all 70-72 LT-1 convertibles could be considered rare, even though LT-1 production numbered over 4500 units. But look how many years have past since these cars were made. Should that be a factor in deteriming whether a car should be considered rare. I will stand by my initial claim, production of less than say two hundred units. Tom59 mentioned some real low production Vettes that I never even thought of. When it comes down to it, a extremely low production car can't be enjoyed like it was intended. I buy and own Vettes to drive them. I love modding them. You can't do that to a true rare car. You would be destroying the inherent value of it. Did that make any sense? :s


I agree completely. That's always the problem with a car that is either very rare, or has signifigant history attached to it (obviously, in this case, the history makes the car different from it's siblings). People who have the money to buy these expensive cars should consider the "obligation" to other history/car buffs to preserve the car. And to some of us, this is not our "on button".

I earlier used the analogy of a home that has been on the Historic Register. Here in the South of course, many plantations enjoy such status... to the owner's regret sometimes. We were turning a plantation in Natchez into a "smart house" a couple years ago, and actually had the Historic Society walk thru the job before they gave the owner permission! What actually saved the job, in fact, was that the technology we were using allowed the owner the upgrades he wanted, but with no visable changes. But I have remembered that as I consider cars.

A fellow a few years ago posted his conversion of some small British sports car into a small block Chevy conversion, only to have his head handed to him by other enthusiasts who knew (as the owner did not) that the car was rare, and one of the last ones. The argument got pretty heated, and I will always remember the disappointment of the owner. He was so proud til he made the mistake of posting!


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Oct 12, 2000
Amarillo, TX
1981 UL5
Rare ???

I've named all my Corvettes through the years. When I found this one I discovered it is 1 of 315 made with the UL5 Delete option. Now to someone in the Corvette world that is different, unique or Rare. So what is the UL5 Delete.. It was ordered without a radio :L :L the original owner put a pioneer stereo in it and butchered the antenna mounting.

DID I TAKE THE RADIO OUT... Well of course I did,,,, I upgraded it to a nice JVC and changed all the speakers too. Then I moved the antenna up under the body and patched the HOLE from the original owner.. Is my car RARE.. because of the radio option.. could be... but to me what makes this Corvette Rare for me is that it is a 4-speed... THIS IS THE LAST PRODUCTION YEAR OF THE CORVETTE 4-SPEED ... . ... PERIOD!! Having the added feature of being a radio delete car is nice too... but like I've said I have a nice stereo system in it :D

If this offends someone... then.... FOR THE RIGHT PRICE YOU CAN BUY IT AND TAKE IT BACK TO PURE STOCK... meanwhile my L81 will continue to be known as the Rare81 my friend call me either Bud or Yoda..


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