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RE: 79 Pace Car Arm Rests ??



RE: 79 Pace Car Arm Rests ??

Hi Everybody,

I Own A 1979 Corvette L82 Pace Car and im currently in the process of put some new parts( the old parts are all ripped and torn). I was wondering if anybody has a pair of arm rests(red) for sale or knows where i can find some for a good price?? I live in North Vancouver, Canada so if anybody has them it would be greatly appreciated. And if anybody lives in my area and just wants to talk about or corvettes then message me up and ill be sure to get back to you. I was also wondering how much a good quality paint job would cost for this car?

Thanks alot,
Ryan82 Welcome to The Corvette Action Center Community

I believe you mean a 1978 Corvette Pace Car? The Black and Silver Indy 500 Pace Car.

Please check out the Site Resources you can find it at the top of the page deep blue letters, there are parts and aftermarket vendors and shops listed. I won't mention any here unless you have problems finding them in the Site Resources pages.

If you have a picture or two of you Corvette laying around, we sure like looking at pictures here.. take some time and look around the Forums section is only the tip of the iceberg.. The Spec pages are full of usefull information.. just use the little arrow (drop down menu) when you see the little box asking for YEAR highlight your year and see all the information all in one place ;)

Good luck finding all your parts and goodies. Enjoy the :W:

Welcome Ryan

Welcome to CACC! This is a great place with many friendly, helpful people.

BudD offers good advice.

Have you also tried the on-line auctions sites such as http://www.ebaymotors.com/ ? They are often many interior parts to choose from at eBay.

Welcome To The Corvette Action Center Ryan82!

It's a great place. You'll get used to us old farts. :gap

RyanL82 said:
I was also wondering how much a good quality paint job would cost for this car?

Count on 2-3 grand for something decent.
Hi RyanL82 I was just over to Coast Vette in Surrey. They have a 78 there parting out and I think it has red int I grabbed some parts off it for my 79. Here in Canada a gallon of good quality car paint in the can not sprayed on or any thing is 250$+ and you need 2 gallons plus hardener then you need some one to spray it on so your looking at 1000$-1500$ not including prep.So 2000$ if your car is in good shape.Welcome to CACC
Raynl82, welcome! if you can not find parts let me know, my shop # 615 255 3939.Richard

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