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Re: Blowers and Chargers

What rear end are you running, and what hp before/after blowers? I am going to throw a 350-400hp small block in my vette in July. Want to add possibly a vortech, or procharger blower later in the year... I was going to do a rear end swap.. Have the stock 3.08 gear in it, and was maybe going to go with a 3.70 gear. I do have a 700r4 trans, 2500 stall speed, and dual quads. I have half a mind to think that with a blower that even with a 3.08 gear, if i hit the gas in 1st gear, it will go sideways, and good luck getting traction, am I correct? My buddy has a blower on his 5.slow mustang... 240hp before, 400@ the motor. It IS stick shift, but... he has a 2.70's gear... He can be in 2nd gear @ 10mph, and hit the gas and it goes sideways. I KNOW it doesn't have anywhere near the power or torque of a small block. And I DO know that my first gear in the trans 3.08 is higher than his in his mustang.. Input please.... Thanks =P

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