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Really Non Runflats



Thanks Black Vette! My query continues....

I'm talking about NON runflats (no steel in the sidewall). I think that's what is OE on the Z06(?). So I'm wondering if they would disturb the sensors ?
(barring some freak Sun spot activity or other gravitational anomally...sorry;)

2 P245/45YR-17 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS
2 P275/40ZR-18 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS

Ya'll are the goods!
Me again...

I've heard mentioned the "Tire Repair Kit" on the Z06 (because of the non-runflats)

Anyone hip to this Bowling Green contraption?

I wax on, I wax off....
Hope This Helps

I have a copy of a GM document (C4C5Specialist can confirm) - Document ID # 758360 regarding Wheel Pressuer Sensors Unable to be Reprogrammed after Tire Placement. It was pulled from the Internet by the service writer at Chevy, so I don't know if it is accessible to the general public. Anyway, the GoodYear Eagle F1 is specifically mentioned, but I am not sure if this tire is manufactured as both RunFlat and Non-Run Flat.

The tires on my car that caused problems were:

P245/45ZR17 Eagle F1 GS 89Y (GM)

The ones that DID NOT cause problems were:

P275/40ZR18 Eagle F1 GS EMT VSB

In case you want to try to pull the Service Bulletin, try this link:


The Bulletin Number is #00-03-10-005 (I think :))

Good Luck, hope this clarifies.

Thanks again Black Vette!

You, in fact, ARE the goods...

non runflats

i just got a set of the goodyear F1s {non runflat}but have not mounted them yet. thanks for the info,i will have to check into this some more befor i use them. this is my first c5.i own a body shop and do alot of collision work on C4 and C5 vettes. the 99 hardtop i am driving is by far the best corvette i have drivin. body and frame is well built,but i have to learn more about the tech.problems they have. thanks again for the info.
Good Luck

Good luck with your C5...I agree, the C5s are awesome!

I can't remember where I posted a follow up regarding the GoodYear F1 non-runflats, however, I went 20,000 miles on my non EMT tires before the sensor gave out...so, you just never know how your car will respond.

In your line of work, do you come across tires with some life left on them, but even treadwear? I am getting ready to sell my car, but don't want to put brand new tires on it...let me know.

used tires

blackvette no by the time i get cars in the tires are already bald, thats why they wreck them or they are torn up. i wish i could find good used ones myself. i also sell vettes and could always use tires
While I'm Asking...

Thanks for the response. Since you deal with wrecked 'Vettes, do you come across any Lexan removable roofs for a 1998 Coupe? Also, I need a new leaf spring for the F45 electronic suspension. Just thought I'd ask. I have so many requests out for these items so I can get my car ready for sale...waiting for my new one!!!

Maria (aka 98blackvette, but not for long...)
Hi there,
As far as the concern of using non run flat tires, for c5.
First, the tire pressure sensors are not used on ZO6, simply because if you use the tire repair fluid in the tire, the solution eats away at the sensors.
This is the only reason. As for the repair kit, it contains repair fluid, and a inflation kit to fill the tire up, after insertion of the repair fluid.
It does work, having used it a bunch of times. Very nice set up.
As for the bulletin, which was the correct number, 98black, tells us that the F1-gs Steel will create this condition. It suggests that others MAY cause the same, however, they have not noted any brand in particular.
So, you can give it a shot, with the F1-SC tires that are on the ZO6, however, obtaining them in those sizes may be difficult.
Check out your tire retailer, and let us know, besttoyou, c4c5:hb
I heard the reason why the sensors don't work is because of the steel belts in the tires interfears with the radio signals of the sensors. I think that is why people are having problems and why the EMT's work, no steel in them.
Run flats or non run flats

I am ready to replace tires on my 98 coupe. I have 23,500 on run flats.
I am told that non run flats will run smoother and quieter. True? Also, as a novice, I am not sure after reading above that the tire sensors will work with non flats. Also, your opinion "Do I need sensors?"
Another question: Will run flats run longer than non run flats?
Aw heck, one more question...
Is there a best brand of 'temporary tire repair in a can?'

Hope I get an answer quickly, because it is after 11 PM, March 10th and I am scheduled to put non run flats (Goodyear 275/40Z R18 on back
and 245/45Z R17 on front) tomorrow morning, March 11. I didn't know that Goodyear made both run flats and nons in the same size.

Thanks ahead, Guys (and girls.)
Decided to go Michelins

One member in this or a related Corvette discussion forum claims to have gotten 52,000 miles with Michelins on his Corvette. I would never expect that much, but I got a lot of mileage (about 50K driving modestly) with them with a Porsche 912 (slow car, I know) and the pressure sensors will work with Michelins on my Vette. They should be smoother and quieter, etc, certainly than run-flats.
I will use Tucker Tire in Laguna Niguel, CA, and people rave about their prices and service. They said today that a little more than half of the Vette owners replace with Goodyears. Other brands preferred are scattered.
I currently have the Bridgestone Potenza S-03 on my 99 hardtop. Very happy with the tire and the pressure sensors work with this tire. I am currently looking for a new tire to put on as they Potenza's have seen better days. I will replace with either the Potenza again or the Goodyear F1 GS-D3. I put two if the new Goodyears on the front of my C4 and the wet traction is fantastic. Also, due to the tread design the road noise is less as well. Oh, the decisions we must make. ;)
The Spud, if you are interested in Michelins, I put on a set of Pilot Sports (265/40-17 Front and 295/35-18 Rear; I have the Z06 wheels with the inflation pressure sensors) and have nothing but good things to say about them. To net it out, the Michelin Pilot Sport tires have almost the same dry surface performance (acceleration, braking and cornering) as the O.E. Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires that the Z06 comes with from the factory, but with superior wet surface (a, b and c) performance to the Eagle F1 tires.
Thanks Guys for the input! Much appreciated.

Today Baby got shoes. I put on the Michelins because I got such good service with them on my Porsche in the past. It was a joy to drive them down the freeway and drive over the lane divider bumps, feeling not the thud of before with my near slicks, but little bimps!

I appreciate the quick response and took it to heart.
I had a 99. I replaced the tires with non runflats. Has no effect on the sensors. Every is the same, the only difference is that they will go flat if punctured. So I bought a compact air pump and a repair kit to get me to the proper tire shop for repair. Non run flats are cheaper, lighter and quieter.

The Z06 does not have run flats or pressure sensors to save weight. The pressure sensors only came into play, because you may not be able to tell that the tire is flat and therefore damage them.

The "next Z06" will have run flats as will the standard C6, but due to new tire technology they will be lighter.

As far as quieter, just about any tire out there is quieter than the Goodyears. I bought the Bridgestone S03's, they were super quiet and had awesome grip. But the I solf the car and bought a Z06. I love (so far) the Goddyear SC tires on it. . .but it's only been 600 miles. . .
Loud and clear!

Thanks for the verification that I did the right thing that I felt good about all along.

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