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Rear alxe seal



My 98 coupe has just strated to leak from the axle seal on the left side of the rear-end. I looked this issue up in my GM shop manuals to see what it will take to change this seal. Has anybody attempted this repair in your garage? Do you have to use the hub pulley and slide hammer? You have to use the tie rod end puller/separater. Can I just us a large screw driver to pop the axle from the rear end? Can I us a piece of wood to hammer against the axle end to help separate the axle from the wheel hub? Do you have to remove the side pumpkin cover to reinstall the axle seal? Or can this seal be removed and replace without removing the Diff side cover? Whats the trick to separating the real leaf spring from the lower control arm for ease of this repair and making the re-install a breeze and not a nightmare? I'm going to call the dealership and and get their price to accomplish this task.

Anythink I might be over looking, please let me know!

Thanks Mike


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May 29, 2001
New Haven, Ct. USA
Nope, but someday.
HI there,
To correctly do this job, you really need to simply know which seal it is, the oring around the end seal, or the actual axle seal.
If it is just the axle seal, then remove the axle as noted, and the axle will just pop out of the diff.
If it is the oring, then the rear subframe will have to be dropped, and the diff removed, for correct sealing.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb


c4c5- I would like to share a tip if i may.. :)

to replace the left side o-ring without removing the diff I have found that you can remove the stud in the diff that passes through the transmission by double-nutting the stud and extracting it. The side cover comes right out allowing access the the o-ring.

I hope that made sense!

Happy wrenching!

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