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Rear Axle / Gear Ratio



I can't find the rear axle ratio called out in my owners manual.
My car is a 1995 6speed, I read somewhere that all 6speeds had the performance axle ratio? If so whats the ratio & is that statement correct. I have not jacked up the rear yet to do the counting revolutions driveshaft vs tire thing yet. Also were they all posi traction? I believe its a Dana center section so, are they the model #36 or #44 Dana?
Thanks guys
There was an option (G92) that was available for that year as a "performance axle ratio". It doesn't specify in my Black Book what the ratios were, but it does say:
RPO Z07 included RPO FX3, special springs, stabilizers and bushings, 17x9.5 wheels and P275/40ZR17/N black-lettered tires. Required AG1 and AG2. Available with manual or automatic transmission, but required G92 with automatic transmission.

So, it sounds to me like the manual transmission equipped cars used the G92 performance axle ratio, whatever that may be; probably 3.07:1. Just guessing here. ;)

_ken :w

Thanks Ken,
Looking at my RPO codes shows I have the AG1 & AG2, but not the G92 & unfortunately no Z07. (I'm sad) What were AG1 & AG2? Also I found where I read about the 6 speeds having the performance axle ratio. It is on the 29th page of the 1995 sales brochure. (The Yellow one)
Note #23 states: Performance axle ratio is optional with automatic transmission, standard with 6 speeds.
AG1/AG2= Power Driver Seat/Power Passenger Seat (What that has to do with performance I haven't a clue.) :eyerole

_ken :w
G92 was a 3.07:1 rear end available on automatic cars only. MN6 came only with 3.45:1.
Its a beautiful morning

What a breath of fresh air. I awake to good news, as I do have RPO #MN6. I think a 3:45 will suit me fine. I would consider a 3:07 too tall & 3:70 perfect. Now about the posi traction?
Thanks for the help guys
Never Fails

Thanks for the great help guys....
:L I just realized we all skipped over that part in our responses Jay. Thanks for bringing that up so that he doesn't feel ignored, or that we were ignorant of the fact that manuals had 44s and autos had 36s. ;)

_ken :w
Haven't found that guy here

Nothing like a good follow up. I have found this group to be extremly well informed, and helpful. As for ignorant, lets just say I can tell neither of you fit into that category.
Thanks for all the Info.

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