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rear caliper prices



Come on guys, help me out here.My shop ordered a pair of rear calipers.I looked at them myself.They are reman's,Delco Morriane.His price $185.00 a piece.This can't be right.I told them to send them back.These are o-ringed and SS sleeves.What have you paid for yours and where can I find some.I live in a sort of small town and all the parts stores I called and I called them all.Thet ALL told me that would have to order them and the price was in the range of $55.00-60.00.and since they didn't have any in stock to eyeball they couldn't tell me if they had the o-rings ans SS sleeves???

Crimson Thunder

Well-known member
Dec 16, 2001
Orange Park FL USA
1970 Marboro Maroon Convertible
Just call Vette Brakes and get calipers from them.They give us CAC members a discount(see the advertisement at the top of the forum)They are in ST. Pete FL and can probably get parts to Savannah in a day or two.

Art Jett

Well-known member
Mar 25, 2004
Azle Tx.
1977 TPI 383 stroker, 700R-4/ 2002 6 spd.
If you have an Oriely(sp?) auto parts, they have rebuilt Delco-Morain calipers for around $70.00. VB&P has the O-ring kits for about $30.00 I took in one that was trash and they still discounted the core charge. They said all they needed was the old caliper, it didn't have to be any good. :beer I live outside Ft. Worth Tx. and the store had them in stock.

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