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Has anybody out there in vetteland ever known the rear independent suspension to have any problems? its just something that i've heard so any help would be nice thanks.
84X-Fire said:
...its just something that i've heard so any help would be nice thanks.

What exactly have you heard, X-Fire? :confused
The main problem with the mid year and C-3 rear diffs is the grease gets old and the clutches tend to stick, other then that, they seem to be pretty good. Now, the u-joints are a differant story. Due to the constant use and differing angles the u-joints seem to take a pretty good beating. The next thing would be the wheel bearings themselves, they rareley last much over 100K miles(I'm talking C-3 here, although I have replaced rear wheel bearings on C-3's and C-4's) The differintial seems to be as good as any other differitial, depending on maintenace and abuse, of course......Steve
84X-Fire, welcome to the CAC
Is your vette having problems? Personally, (I'm sure there has been, but...) I've never known anyone to have rear end problems with a stock C4. I have seen a few cracked ring and pinions from modified motors and transmissions though......(all Dana 36's too)

The only problem I know of is that a Mustang can't even come close to you in the corners. Then again, they don't come close on the straights either. :D

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