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Rear Hatch Switch



I recently discovered a rear hatch switch on the driver's door of my 1996, but it doesn't seem to work. The rear hatch switch in the console works to release the hatch. Anyone have any idea why the door switch doesn't work? I already know the obvious, "The switch may need to be replaced!" But was wondering if anyone else had this problem and found an easier or simpler solution.
There is really no way around it, if your console switch is functioning properly, you're going to have to remove the door panel to determine why your door switch is not functioning. Sorry. :(

_ken :w
hatch switch

Do your interior lights come on when you open the door. If your electrical circuit is like mine there will be no power to this switch on the door. I had the same problem and found I had a blown fuse for the courtesy lights. The center console switch still operated though.

I found a switch on the drivers door and then found one on the passenger door ,plus the console. My friends 88 doesnt have one on the right door. Was this typical on the 85 to have all 3?
Diode block

There is a diode pack which controls the inputs from all the switches by the rear hatch.

Maybe a diode is blown

More info ( based on a 93 book)

Note #1
If the door ajar switches do not work...neither will that switch on the door.The door ajar switches will be CLOSED when the door is open.

The switch on the door for hatch release has a Brown wire ( +12 volts from Hatch release relay coil) and Black/yellow ( on left hand door )

It doesnt show the right hand door

But the brown should be hot
The black/yellow should go to ground ( conditional)

If you jump directly across the switch & the hatch release works.. then it's the switch.

If it doesn't try grounding the Black/yellow ( or what ever color wire is opposite of the brown)
and work the switch.

If it now works.. the door switch is ok,, the problem is elsewhere.. don't leave that ground in
It will mess up your interior lights ( Always on)
and it will mess up the alarm.

Next checkout the door ajar switch.

Let me know what you find out.. I need another book.

Very interesting

In my 84 I have hatch switches on both doors, but the passenger is inop. Also, when you open the passenger door the interior lights are also inop. Both work fine with the drivers door (the important one :)), but not the pass door. Center console also works fine. You guys have given me yet another project...thanks a WHOLE lot. ;)
switch on the door?

you guys have me confused. The only hatch switch I have is in the console.
When you open your door, you don't have a slide switch at the rear jamb, just below the latch? :confused

_ken :w
Thanks for the replies, guys! I will check some of these things out and let you know if any of them works. DWC
Yes, three hatch release switches were standard. Each door and in center console.
Typical failures

The door switches ( by the hinges) are very prone to rust out.. take em out clean em good & try again.

I have to look at the schematic a bit closer to solve the rest of the mysteries.. but the diode pack controls the cabin lighting.. not the actual switch function. Oops sorry.
As far as AMOUNT of switches
My 84 had 3
My 88 has 3
The 93 book only shows 2. Drivers door& center console

More on this tonight

Well I feel pretty stupid! I discovered that the switch I have been concerned about works fine every time when I push it down instead of trying to pull it up!;stupid

OOPS forgot to push the mental clutch BEFORE engaging brain.....

typical Dane Brammage mode

Every time I see some problem y'all mention I run out to the garage to check it out. Just found out I have the exact situation Drew has with the driver door switch and courtesy lights working fine and console swich also fine but courtesy lights and switch inoperable on passenger door. I also noticed that the spring loaded button that is depressed when the door is closed is on the passenger side is broken. Now since I admit my mechanical knowledge/skill is restricted to putting in gas and oil as needed I can't say there is any correlation. However it is obvious that the inoperable button is most likely the reason the courtesy lights don't work. Is there any chance this button is somehow part of the rear hatch mechanism? Don

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