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Rear Key Lock Mystery



Can someone enlighten me. I have a key lock on the rear of Vette between the tail lights and I have no idea what it is for. It has wires running to it and the factory second key works in it. I am theorizing that it was a factory alarm of some sort. Does someone know what this is for?:confused
That should be for your alarm system as I understand it. At least that's the case with Xena.
Right, it is the factory alarm. It is wired into the door and hood. When set and door or hood is opened it starts an emergeny horn that is mounted under the fender behind the left rear wheel. Unique system in that once started it went until turned off or the battery ran down. In later models, around 77 I think, they added a timer to shut it off. But on your 73 it sounded and sounded and sounded and..... :)

That was the optional Valet switch for the early sharks. You see, by turning that lock, you can unleash 350 more hsp. The trick is, you have to stick the key in and twist it while maintaining 88 mph. Anything above or below 88 and you get nothing.

That was a real problem for the later model guys when they moved the key to the left fender. You see, they also got 85 mph speedometers and it was almost impossible for them to figure out when they hit 88 so they could climb out and trigger the switch. I have come to the conclusion that is why the newer sharks are not as fast.

I hope you guys realize I am having a little fun here!
Heh..heh..When will you be off those pain meds man..ha.
Naw.... he's still bummed about his paint blister and taking it out on us. Spelling is way too good for the pain meds! Any new pics Chris? The old gullet shots have lost their luster. I knew I guy that disconnected the "bungler" alarm wiring and wired in a power disconnect through the same switch. It worked great and was a sweet idea.

......... Nut
Sorry, the Oxycotton has gotten the best of me.

The blister is finally fixed, now I can't find any of my parts.

It never ends.

No more crazy pictures. I think my guts have gotten all the exposure allowed by law.
69MyWay said:
...now I can't find any of my parts.
It never ends. No more crazy pictures. I think my guts have gotten all the exposure allowed by law.

Uh Chris, I think the parts you're looking for may have been left at the hospital :L:L.

- Eric

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