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Rear thump when going over sharp bumps - Resolved

Thx TedC,

Just went thru the same stuff on mine....
suddenly I have a roaring-gurgle back there and I'm thinking I blew out a muffler...

what it did bloow out or off, was the rear Y pipe had broken 1/2 between the muff and the welded splice because the muffler hanger allowed wayyyy too much movement and every bump, speed bump, pot hole, every corner that was taken forced the Y-pipe to absorb all the stress of the weight of the muffler as the hanger went slack briefly. PP design. So, my Y-pipe broke.
I got it patched together for now, but it'll require a whole new rear Y to fix it properly...Hated those mufflers anyway.
Here is my solution to that problem.

That works. :happyanim:

Did you notice a change in the exhaust sound in the cabin? Sounds just a little different since the change, which I actually like better.

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