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Rear Wheel Bearings

Aug 29, 2001
Norcross, Georgia, United Stat
2017 Arctic White Grand Sport
I took my car in recently for numerous things including repacking the rear wheel bearings. I was told this in and of itself was a 6 hour job involving taking off the half shafts, etc.

Does this seem right?

I know that there is a tool in the catalogs that say to pump in three table spoons of grease.
I haven't done it yet but will this summer, I have a neighbor that has the tool so I won't have to buy it.

The tool is called a rear wheel bearing greaser.(not too elaborate) I bought mine from Vette World for $12. You can find it in all of the vette catalogs for $12-$17. If you use this method to re-lubricate the rear wheel bearings it should be no more than a couple of hours work. You need to unbolt the wheel end of the halfshafts, mark the strut rod chamber bolts(so you can get them back in the same place), loosen and turn the chamber bolt to move the wheel away from the halfshaft until you can move it over out of the way. Remove the cotter pin from the spindle nut, then loosen and remove the spindle nut, flange, and washer. This exposes the inner wheel bearing. Install the greaser tool, replace the nut to hold the tool in place and grease away. Use high temp wheel bearing grease only! Reverse the procedure when complete, replace the cotter pin, don't re-use the old one.
Hi guys, I am getting my rear bearings done this spring at a price of $150.00 USD. Does that sound fair? I am buying the bearings seperately at a cost of $90.00 USD for the both of them. I don't think I have the guts to tackle this one on my own. So, I will get my vette mechanic to do the work.
But 6 hours seems quite excessive.

Just thought I would post a comment.
Scott :w
That tool will grease the inner bearing only. You will not get grease to the outer bearing. Be careful to much grease will blow out the seal. Chuck
That doesn't sound too bad Scott. There is a lot more involved in changing them vs lubricating them. Your right Chuck, the inner bearing sees most of the grease, however the outer should recieve some if done correctly. The rear bearings should be relubricated every 30 thousand miles.


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