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Rear wheel brake vents



My vents have small scratches. Any suggestions on removing the scratches.

Phil what are the rear vents made of? Are they a hard plastic? Are they painted?
Usually hard plastic is hard to get scratches out of....no pun intended. Have you heard of a product called "Back to Black"? It comes in a small, red bottle at most automotive stores. If the scratches are light colored in nature, Back to Black will definitely help remove the scratches.

If the scratches are actually cut into the plastic, then your best bet is probably to just replace them, but let's see if anyone else has better suggestions here before doing that.
Been using "Back to Black" for a few years and it will cover up scratches in plastic as long as they aren't too deep.
Keeps the front spoiler, side molding and tire shields on my ZR-1 looking Good!
Good stuff, Maynard

I agree. Back to Black works really well. I used it on the L81 rocker mldgs with success.

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