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Rear Window Louver

Ok. Fair enough. It was just a thought... Was curious if anyone had seen one installed.

Valid point. Visibility would be hampered. Was just thinking of those Mach 1 's that had them. They looked kinda cool.

Curb feelers. Wow those would go great with the neon running lights i was gonna install. :eek

Have you guys seen the neon bars for your spoke wheels yet? :J

_ken :eyerole
I was thinking about putting in Dingle balls and a fur dashboard with a big blue diamond in the middle. Of course I would have to paint it turquois blue w/primer grey accents. :crazy

Back to reality. I got it when I bought the vette, but it is a tinted screen in the back window, removable. It is about 1/8" thick and it is custom fitted for my vette. It doesn't get in the way of the defroster and you can see fine out of it (even in the dark). It also cuts down the heat/sun in the summer and you can't see in very well from the outside.
I'm not as mean as the guys - this reminds me of the Chastain's Shadow I had on my '84 Z28 Camaro and on that car it was a "hot" look. So I guess someone got the idea to revive for the Vette's somewhat similar window but....it just doesn't have quite the same effect. And I did have quite a clear view with the one on the Camaro (also known as the poor man's Corvette). Hey, if you've got nothing to do with your money I could always think of something!!!
They are known as Armadillo backs.

It would probably be ok if you lived in Death valley.

Other than that I personally don't care for that look.
I had a real mean looking Datsun 200sx with one of those once...even that car looked better with it off.
Ok. I guess I had a Len moment... thanks for trying to bail me out jj but i think i crashed and burned on this idea. Oh well. They looked pretty good on the 70 Mach1 i drove for a while in high school. Then again that was a *few* years ago...

Thanks for getting me back on track guys (and gal). I'm back to the exhaust system and lower the car. Something useful...

Just out of curiosity, how much lower do you want to go? My clearance says 5" from the factory. I thought that was pretty low (My other vehicles are a 2k1 ram 4x4 and a locksmith van).
The guy who will do the work has been building C4s for racing for a long time. So we discussed this a little and how far to push it for a street vehicle. He recommended 1" lower front and back with a different alignment. I wanted to drop it 2" but he said the speed bumps will kill me. I'm just not convinced that lowering the car 1" is really going to do much.
Hi Len,
Hope you're having a good time with the boys!
I couldn't resist that line, sorry, the devil made me do it :s

This will be the last stupid idea I have until next year :L :L

Don't put that thing on your car.

I am the third owner of my 40th anniv ed. A previous owner had louvers and a spoiler on it.

The louvers abraded the back glass in about 5 places.

He also did not wipe water off the glass after washing. The water spots are arranged in stripes where the louvers did not protect the glass.

McGuires Scratch remover is working on the water spots, got the worst off. More to go.

Winter Blues

Len, I feel your pain. Winter is here and it is P*ssed. I miss the vroom vroom too. I might just go down there just to start it.

Flat and cultureless

I used to live in the keys...lotta fruit(s) down there.:grinshot
Ok jj behave yourself... and don't trip over the oranges :gap

I hear ya Drew. Spent 2yrs there in the service. Noticed a lot of fruits there too down on Duval street... and they weren't oranges :L

bgrly, not too worry. i've gotten enough harrasment to know this was one of my dumber ideas. but next year is just around the corner :eek

we got a lotta mo

Hey Graham, anytime you feel like beating yourself up, stop...let us do it.:bang

Yeah, I've been on duval quite a few times. I used to play guitar on Mallory at sunset for some pocket change. I was the guy with the sign that said "Tipping is NOT just a city in China". I know what you mean about wandering too far down Duval Street. It reminds me of the time during MardiGras that I wandered too far down Burbon Street...Instead of seeing female body parts in exchange for beads it was disturbingly male:nono. Ya live and ya learn, but I have been fooled before.:dance

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