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red hot pre cats are gone



as far as i can tell the pre cats dont glow any more and ive lost that heavy gas smell. I pulled and got rid of the broken pieces in the main cat and put the chip back to stock. But she seems to break up around 20-30 mph,staggers untill I really goose it. I changed out the fuel filter,no diff.. I do have holes in my mufflers, Im sure this is less than a good idea,but Ive been out of work for 4 months from an injury and there has been no funds to apply to the car.Now I have a new job that pays great but this is the only car I own and need it badly.Oh yeah, on the way home from getting some freash gas and injector cleaner the alt. compressor,ect belt ate its self.Im sure I checked it for cracks a month ago.Car has 112k on it and had the head gaskets replaced @ 90k along with the water pump,just to be on the safe side.Any help at this point would be great.Its an 89 coupe.tx Doug.....or.....Walken Doug if I dont solve this! lol!

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