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redoing an interior




This is going to be a vague kind of question -- I haven't seen the car yet so I don't know all the details -- but here goes...

How hard is it, and how much would it cost, to restore the interior of a '69? See what I mean about vague? :t All I really know is that the interior was redone in velvet (!?!), including the underside of T-tops, etc. Not sure exactly what that looks like or what it'll take to restore it to something more original. Any ideas?

Velvet?????? I had one here that had every interior part covered with a vynal. All interior parts had to be replaced. I would start at $2500.00 in parts alone..........Steve
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jmp said:
...the interior was redone in velvet

:eek Can you believe what people will do? :eek

I can probably give you a ballpark figure even though I have a C4 and not a C3. ;)

Whether you're planning a restoration for judging, or just to make it presentable, and drivable, again, will determine how much it will cost to make it like a Corvette again:
  • The carpeting will probably set you back a couple of hundred a least depending on where you get it and the quality. (Don't scrimp; it's gotta last even if you aren't looking to impress the judges.)
  • Seat covers and foam could set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of a grand if you go with leather.
  • Door panels will probably run a couple of hundred apiece. Yours might be in good enough shape to use, I guess you'll find out.
  • Miscellaneous trim pieces, which you should be able to find either as NOS or reproductions, will set you back an undeterminable amount. It can get quite costly with some of these pieces.
  • The instruments shouldn't pose too much of a drain on the checkbook. Most should still be working and if they're not, there are several articles out with step-by-step instructions for refurbishing them.
  • Hmmm... what else? What about the tops? You mentioned them being covered with velvet as well. In what condition is the glass? Those could cost you a couple more hundred (or three?).

Believe me, I've gone through it on mine. No matter how well you plan it out either, something will always turn up that you find you need to finish the job, or you broke something when you were taking it apart. ;)

$$$$ start adding up. :cry
Well, I found out what TLC means: a total freakin' mess! It's kind of funny -- the velvet was the only part of the interior in good shape! The floor carpets were a mess, the instruments were a mess, the storage area was a mess, the seats need to be replaced... It'll require a lot of work to fix!

Then there's the rest of the car. Also a mess! The engine runs well, but parts of it are rusting away. It's also been modified a little (big carb, different air filter, L88 hood), although the block numbers do match.

The body also needs to be painted and have some holes patched up! I have no idea what's involved in repairing body damage... can anyone give me an idea (the body has a couple of 4 of 5 cm long, couple of mm wide cracks)?

Well, now I've got to decide on if it's worth fixing up in terms of time/money/future enjoyment. I'm not that mechanical :), so I'd have to rely on mechanics and relatives (my cousin restored a beautiful '68 1/2 Mustang).
Corvette Fever did an article on replacing the carpet in a 74', that can give you an idea on what to look forward to.

I replaced my carpets last weekend, plus added a heat shield kit. Any questions, please ask.
Fiberglass work

If you go into any automotive store around the country, you will see a section devoted to kits that promise "You too can do fiberglass repair." DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! This is one area that you will have to leave to a professional. I know that you probably want to hear something else, but it's just not true. It might be more practical to get a Vette that doesn't require so much work(i.e. money) since you are not mechanically inclined. This Vette sounds like it needs CPR. Find the guy who did this evil velvet s**t to the Vette and give him a whack on the head for all of us! Try not to feel so bad.--Bullitt

JMP - Welcome to CAC. After reading these posts, I'd thought I'd share with you my experience on the interior. I too had a vette that needed a major overhaul inside. I started with lower cost items, a wooded dash kit, new leather boot, shift knob, etc. Finally it was time for the BIG jobs. Carpet, Seats, Sound system, etc. I can't tell you how much I saved, alot though because I cut my own carpet using the pieces I took out as the pattern. Installed the sounds myself (building a box for 4 new rear speakers and 2 in the front kick panels) Ordered new seat covers (paid 100.00 for the install) My advice to you, Don't feel as if all this has to be done overnight. Take your time, shop around, there are deals out there, we just have to find them.
It took me 2 years to finish mine, and it looks great.

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