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Refinishing Wheels on 84


Oct 13, 2001
Decatur Alabama USA
1984 Red Z51
My original rims are in good shape except for clearcoat and someone putting wheel weights on the outside instead of the inside. Is this something I should attempt or take them off and have them sent somewhere? I don't want to put a ton of money in them but would like them to look decent. :confused
I think that is what I will probably do just thought someone might have found a miracle product. Thanks for reply
Gordy, I don't have a solution (no pun intended) for your clearcoat finish problems, but your avatar got me to tinkering. I liked the angle from which you shot it with the top off, and it reminded me of the replacement ""Converti-Coupe" thing, so I fiddled with some images and came up with these:



Mine looks like a truck if I leave the top on. :L
refurbish rims

I found a source at the Corvette Show in Carlisle, PA. The company refurbishes Corvette rims. I have an 85 and the quote he gave me was about $100 a rim. What they will do is take out any dings, true up any out of roundness, strip and paint. If your interested I will look for his card. I have not tried him, nor do I know any one who has, but he seemed very reliable.

Here is a post from a thread from the past that may help;)

Rare81 said:
Have you removed the protective coating? There is a clear coat on the wheels that yellows and/or dulls after 20+ years. You will not be able to shine the aluminum until this is removed.

Acetone, tooth brush and soft rags works really well to remove this protective coating.. Once the coating is off then "Mothers" Aluminum polish would be my recommendations.. This topic has been discussed in the past, but a revisit is always nice. I'm sure one of the others here will find the link and post it, if not I'll look later for it and post it for you... Or you can search in this section and enter Acetone and probably find it too.

Follow all precautions when using any chemicals, ie Acetone.


I've had great success using ACETONE to remove the protective coating then MOTHER the heck out of it.. The secret to using Mothers is not pressure, just keep rubbing it on until it starts to turn dark or black then let it dry then wipe clear.
Good Luck.
Do you put the coating back on then? If so what is good way to spray it on or have it done.
I have not re-coated the wheels on Rare. It has been about 3 years since I stripped the protective coating off. I usually get the wheels mothered at least three times a year.

Here is a photo taken after "twiget" (Jason) & "EyeCandy" came back from a run up through the foothills. Photo courtesy of Jason ;)


You're miracle product IS 3M safe stripper!!!!!!!

ZERO elbow grease!!! Put it on and wait 20 minutes and the clearcoat bubbles right off with ZERO damage to the wheel...no spots, pitting, discoloration!!!!!!

It leaves it so perfect you dont even have to Polish! (except probably where the wheel weights were)

Buy it at Home Depot/Lowes/Local Hardware store...$8-10 !!!!!!!
Hey thanks a ton for all the tips!! Now if I can just find that 15 year old neighborhood kid that is always drooling around my car.

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