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May 29, 2002
Missoura Ozarks
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In remembering historic Corvettes and "Vetteville USA" in 1966-'67, we'll begin first by dwelling back five years earlier-to compare what was available then. In 1961 and 1962 there were never any factory "big-block" 348- or 409-powered Corvettes. Moreover, Corvette independent rear suspension was a year or so away. Corvette disc brakes first came in 1965. '61-'62 Corvettes had no power steering, no power brakes, no air conditioning, no AM/FM radio, no leather seats and no coupe model. By the '66 intro in late 1965, Corvette had indeed come a very long way- in virtually a blink of five quick years-mostly thanks to motorsports competition and tremendous Corvette engineering/engineers.

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