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Removal of1969 left instrument panel.



How difficult is it to remove left panel (ie speedometer, tach side) from my 1969 corvette? It says just remove screws and undo tach and speed cable and pull off.

Right! Is is that easy? Anything I need to be careful of falling off or when trying to put back in? Is it worth tyaking off and tying everything up nice and neat?

Chris I am sure you took or have yours off any words of wisdom?



There are two screws on the extreme driver side you get to with the door open. There are three or four across the top you get to by looking up at the dash from the floor. There are two going into the passenger side of the driver panel.

Underneath you have a courtesy light, the vacuum to the headlight/wiper over ride, and lights/cables to tach/speedo.

Go slow, pull the screws and pop the bottom stuff off. Pull gently at it and roll the top back first. You should be able to reach inside from the top and pull the lights/blinker/high beam etc. stuff loose and then lift it on out. The vent tube will just slip out of the the housing as you go.

You have to watch the headlight switch that you don't snag it on anything and bust the ceramic resitor part.
Been there... done that

It's no picnic. You'll also want to lower the steering column a bit; that gives you more clearance to manuever the panel. Also try to stick your head up under the dash and note where all the wires go before you start yanking on the thing.
And drink coffee............... save the beer 'till your done !

Al Clermont, Fl

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