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Removeing old air intake duct 1987


Jul 27, 2007
1987 Dark Red Convertible
Does anyone know if there is a "trick" to removing the air intake duct on an "87".
There are two knobs on top of the duct. I assumed I could just unscrew these two knobs and the duct would come off. The Bad news is the knobs just spin. I thought about breaking the duct off but that would be a last resort. Any help out there.
The piece that the screw goes into is spinning. Use a screwdriver to pry up on the knob while turning. This should create enough friction to keep it from spinning and allow you to remove the screw.
I tried that and it still spun. Looks like I'll either have to drill it out or tear the housing apart to remove it. I have to replace it anyway. I just don't want to break something else while removing this piece.

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