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Removing Valve covers.



I posted this in technical, but maybe there is someone online who can answer it here.

Easiest/best way to remove the LH (passenger) side valve cover gasket? The AC pump is in the way on the bottom of the cover, and a fuel line on the top.

Apr 2, 2004
Newark, Delaware
1965 Coupe L76 / 1978 L82
after I got my '78 all back together i had to remove both valve covers to swap out to different valve cover gaskets. It's a bit of a pain once everything is installed on the motor.
Loosen the AC compressor, remove the belt so you can swing the AC compressor back as much as possible than just disconnect the fuel line from the carb (be sure to use a line wrench so as to not strip the nut) and that should give you enough room to remove the cover.
Things do tend to get a bit tight under the hood........ on the mid to later model C3's especially. On my '65 there is nothing in the way except the choke hot air tube so I can have both the covers off on that car in about 5 minutes or less.


BarryK is correct. I just replaced my valve cover gaskets last week. Remove tightening bolt for AC compressor, remove belt, then move compressor back towards inner fender. Remove gas line at carb. This give you all the room you need.


Yes, you are correct.......or as we said in NO, "Yeah, you right!"

I hit the contact points with Break-Free and let it dwell, and then things moved easily.

I also moved the AC unit and the fuel line, then things were much easier to manipulate.

Thanks for the help.

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