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Repairing the cargo cover.



I have a 1981. The material is separating from the wooden rod on the cover that pulls over the cargo area (behind the seats). Is there any special glue that works well? Or is glue a bad idea, perhaps a staple gun is more effective (though possibly visible)?
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That's a good question, before I try to answer that, I need to take a look at mine??? I would thing the rod slipped through a sewn sleeve and protrudes at each end so it can fit in the clasp..

I'm at work, so it will be a few hours before I get back to the ole homestead. If someone else hasn't answered by then I'll go look at mine and see what it looks like. ;)

Mean while take a few minutes and browse the CACC we have tabs at the top of the page that lead to a days worth of reading and learning more about our rides.. everything from tech to specs..

Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride.
...just looked at mine (78)

My dowel runs through a sewn sleeve.
I would not recommend stapling as there will be uneven tension at each staple and it could cause tears. I would recommend removing the assembly so you can have the sleeve re-sewn. You may be able to use a home machine with heavy thread, or you may prefer to take it to an auto upholstery shop.

Inspect the holes where the stitching has come out...it may be able to be re-sewn, or it may be beyond repair and need replacement if the sew-holes are showing excesive wear, which would cause new stitching to fail anyway.

*If the design has changed to some type of mechanical melt and press-together (fused) combination, I don't know what to suggest besides replacement. I wouldn't know of a glue that would hold up in a vehicle's interior heat.
Where can I buy one of those cargo covers. Its the one thing I have been meaning to ask but I keep forgetting. How much do they cost?


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