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Replacing my wholly oil pan



Just punched a whole in my oil pan! So much for enjoying the new car! What I need to know is if its a Corvette only item? Haven't gotten it home to survey other possible damage but I know that has gotta get fixed. Any suggestions would be great, like I said I just got the car so this is all new to me. Anybody got a pan or an idea where to get one.
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Did that myself when I first got the Vette, but luckily didn't poke a hole clear through - just a big dent. :eek:

As for the replacement pan itself, I do believe that all small block pans will work, but don't take that as gospel. Let someone else give some feedback here first before you go out there and make a purchase. ;)
The Corvette pan is a tad different as it is not as deep, but the deeper portion if it is longer to hold the same volume.

However, virtually any pan of the correct style (type I and type II) will fit no problem, just may hang down a tad more. Make sure and get a type I pan (1955-1986) for that car as the type II won't fit.

I will be running a pan off a 1990 Chevy truck in my 1990 here in a week or two. This is the third time I have swapped in an engine to a C4 with the wrong pan with no problems.

Oops, one thing though. You have to make sure that the pick up you are using on the oil pump matches the pick up for the pan you use.

And.........yes, you can change the pan in the car, no problem. It gets a little tight on the extreme front under the balancer, but you can work it enough to slip on out.
Plenty of pans available through Summit, Ecklers,etc.
:w Welcome aboard. The 85's been a great car to me. Enjoy the ride.
one other thing to keep in mind is that 1985 vettes use a right hand dip stick block and only a righ hand dip stick pan will work with the orriginal block now heres a great deal on an oil pan but you must cut a small bit of the front edge of the pan and reweld it to clear the front k-member (cut from about 1"back from the lower front edge to about and 1.3" up on the front lower edge only at an angle and weld in a flat piece and it fits fine)
All All Oil Dipstick right Hand MWM 15121 69.99 Each
Thank You

Guys thanks for the warm welcome and the help! Still looking for a pan. Contaction one salvage dealer and he wanted $200! Gonna keep looking! Again thanks for your help.

I have an oil pan from a type I small block chevy that came out of my 69 Corvette. Before that surprises you, it appears to have the same exact side profile as the pan in the 90 Corvette, but it is designed for the two piece rear main seal like you have. Don't know about the dipstick tube. That may be a problem. Anyway, I just dropped it off with the block last night at the speed shop in trade for some roll cage work in my 69. I don't think he needs it, so getting it back is not a problem.

It is yours FREE as long as you cover the shipping and handling. I can't imagine that being more than $25.

Let me know what you want to do. You will still need to clean it up and put some fresh spray paint on it.

I do know that the dipstick went through the side of the block then down to the pan. It seems to me it was on the passenger side, but I can't remember for sure. I guess I am starting to loose my mind because I cleaned and prepped it just two nights ago and even pulled the dip stick tube out of the block. It is not the kind of pan where the dipstick actually only goes into a special hole on the side of the pan. I think it will work.

I have to go back to the speed shop this weekend, so let me know.


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