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replacing stock 81 air cleaner



I have an 81 and would like to replace the stock air cleaner with a 14" open one. Has anyone done this and what did you do about the vac and smog hoses?

I install a 14" open element air cleaner on my 81 in the summer time. I just plug the vacuum line and cap the smog hose. I also install a chrome breather on the right side valve cover where the vent hose connects. I have had no problems and the check engine light does not stay on. I think that probably the stock air cleaner with its dual snorkels sucking in cool air is probably more efficient, but I love the sound of the Quadra Jet sucking in air through the open element air cleaner especially when the secondaries open. I reinstall the stock air cleaner in the winter because with the open element air cleaner installed, the engine is hard to start (below 40 degrees F) :w

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