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replacment bumper



I need to get a new bumper on order for the up coming paint job. I have heard from alot of people that most of the replacement bumper do not fit very wll. Jusy wondering if any one has found a brand or source that will fit with out any major work. I know some on that got one from Eklers and it wouldnt go on at all. Actually ended up with a GM origonal for $700. Im not really looking to spend quite that much.

I need the rubber front for an 81.

Big Fish

Try Vanacor's http://www.vanacorvette.com/ They had about the best deal I could find on bumpers for my 75. Fiberglass in my opinion is the way to go because it won't fade differently from the rest of the car like the stock urethane bumpers. Ask them for a guarantee about fit. Only time I heard of problems was when there was some previous body work done.


I just bought front and rear "Flex Glass" bumpers for my '77 from Ecklers. I'm having the car done at a body shop and when I stopped by to see how things were progressing, they showed me that mods had to be done to fit the front. They both lined up nice with the other body parts but they were NOT just bolt on. Glass is the way to go... the uerathane gets waves and over time, cracks that will show thru the paint. Ecklers sells good body panels. I also bought a hood, door skin and rear quarter and all are good quality. I don't anything is "BOLT ON" on these cars, if you know what I mean. :crazy

Good luck with your decision!

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