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Ribbed Valve Covers



Does anybody know of a good source for the original Corvette ribbed style valve covers? A local dealer said he could get me a set of new ones for around $200.
The 69-77 ribbed cast aluminum valve covers are available thru The Last Detail www.tld-corvette.com for $105 each. The Last Detail has some of the best prices on original GM/Delco parts so $200 for a pair from the local dealer sounds good.

You may want to watch eBay to see if you can snag a deal there.

Unfortunately that is what you can expect to pay for these. Watch non-Corvette swap meets. I ran across a couple a few years ago for $10. each used but cleanable.


I have a set of those that were on the small block in my car when I bought it. They are cool looking. I would love to find some just like it for the big block.

They really need to be cleaned up as the outside has oxidized/corroded and the prior owner oversprayed them with both Chevy orange paint, and somehow paint from the outside of the car.
Chris, I would be interested in them. Do you have any idea whether or not they would clear roller rockers?

I have heard that these have a clearance problem with roller rockers and posi-locks because they have the oil drippers for the rockers cast in. I suppose you could remove the drippers.

Hijinx said:
Chris, I would be interested in them. Do you have any idea whether or not they would clear roller rockers?

I think the only way I would sell them would be in a package deal with the bowtie heads. Maybe $450 for heads and covers. The covers need a good cleaning and polishing.

Don't know about the roller question, it also depends on the type of rollers you have. Usually, the tabs can be milled out of the covers to clear the rockers.
Give me the low down on the heads. Are we talking actual Bowtie heads or just Chevy heads. What condition are they in?
These are Design I Chevy Bowtie cast iron heads with 2.02 intake, 1.6 exhaust, screw in studs, push rod guides, and angular plugs. I think the CC is around 64 or so.

They look great. They were in my 69 when I bought it. The prior owner did not even paint them. The outside looked pretty rough, but they are spotless on the inside. Doubt there are many miles on them, but I would at least put new valve stem seals before running them.
Chris, let me give it some thought. I just purchased a set of rebuilt camel hump's a few months ago. I would like to have the Bowtie's, but have to figure out where to scrounge the money from to swing them. I'll get back to you on it. Thanks
No worries, I am in no hurry to sell them.

I will see about taking a pic and putting it here.

It is so weird. For once, I am swimming in hot small block parts. Not only do I have those heads, but three other four bolt blocks, two type II roller blocks, a spare steel crank, the numbers matching small block to my 69, and an ultra hot full roller long block with the Edelbock aluminum heads, balanced, and some other great goodies, and I have no interest as I am pursing the big block. Heck, I even obtained a tuned port fuel injection from a 1988 350 camaro.

In the big block category, I have nothing to spare. I bought the Edelbrock aluminum heads, RPM cam, etc. etc. but don't even have a set of stock cast iron heads for the big block.
Will the TPI setup fit under the hood on my '73? That would be sweet and I could pipe in cool air from the front. If it would fit, what would you want for it?

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