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I am rebuilding a 93 LT-1 and am adding CompCams Magnum Roller Rocker arms. However, it appears that the stock valve covers will not clear the new rocker locking nuts. Has anyone encountered this? Any recommendations for higher aftermarket covers? These covers have centerbolt attachments. Thanks.
There are a number of ways in dealing with this problem. ;)

You could remove the drip rails from the existing covers and in many cases, this is enough to provide clearance for the aftermarket roller rockers.

You could also purchase an adapter that will space the valve cover from the head and provide extra clearance that way.

There are also adapters available to convert the perimeter bolt pattern valve covers to the centerbolt style bolt arrangement, and in utilizing this adapter, you will again gain clearance between the rocker arms and the valve covers.

One thing to keep in mind if you decide to switch to aftermarket covers, be sure that the PCV hole and the breather hole (if equipped) is baffled to prevent excess oil from being sucked back into the intake manifold.

Good luck in your valve cover search. I bought some AC-Delco chrome covers as an interim solution for my engine project until I find the ones I like, and that meet my requirements. ;)

_ken :w

Thanks for the info. I was thinking about grinding out the drip rails; it looks like that might give me enough room.

The problem I see with adapters is that it gives me one more seam for oil leaks.

I should have everything back together in a few more days and I'll see if modifying the stock covers will work.

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