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Roller rockers question?


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Jul 18, 2001
Durham, NC
2002 Flat Black Z06
I've been thinking of converting the standard rockers to roller rockers on my LT1. I've seen 1.5 and 1.6 for added lift. I hear it smooths out the valve train and if you go to 1.6 you get more lift so it also acts like a slightly bigger cam and about 20hp boost.

GM performance has some along with Crane and other vendors.

Have any of you tried this?

Any pros/cons to this approach?

Thanks, Graham
I've heard the way to go is the 1.6 roller rockers for the LT-1. If they made them standard on the LT-4, they must be beneficial. I think a good combo would be to do the rockers along with a cam at the same time. You'd probably notice a considerable amount of power with that setup......

roller rockers 1.6

I have done this on several LT1S .JUST SOME INFO. THE ROCKERS YOU GET (must) be for center bolt valve cover heads(narrow body) and they( must) be the (self aligning) kind and they (must) be the 3/8" stud model to fit( crane # 10758-16 I think I used) or the chevy rockers or comp cams makes a set of chrome moly steel ones I think but no mater which ones you get you will have to grind the drippers in the stock valve covers shorter and use a thick valve cover gasket to clear the poly locks extra height(you can not get tall valve covers because the alternator and other brackets leave insufficient room to fit them under the brackets(use a dremmel to cut off the drippers as breaking them off can crack the valve covers) just hopeing to keep you out of trouble and yes they are worth the trouble the car does run better at higher rpm levels

Hey, thanks for the info "Grumpyvette",
I may have to try this over the winter.
I need all the power I can get to stay ahead of my competition in NCCC autocrossing. By rules, I must run the G.M. LT4 rockers, will they work on a LT1 ? (removing drippers and thicker gasket included)

roller rockers

How modified can you go?
LT1 mods

I did the switch to my.........95firehawk, I went and bought the LT4 intake, heads, RR, valave covers,HD timing chain, LPE cam. It screams. I noticed that Jim Pace now sells a kit for this for a little over 2K might want to check out their web site.
thanks grumpyvette!

i pulled the part listings and you got it on the Crane part.
i was told about having to hit the drippers with a dremmel but no one said anything about a thicker gasket. good point.

fastglass95 (fyi) - from Crane

10758-16 = 1.6 Gold Race
10308-1 = Spring and Retainer (need 16 no ?)
99795-16 = 1.6 - 3/8 adjusting nuts

apparently you will need their lock nuts and you are supposed to use their springs because the stock ones won't work right.

I would also suggest you consider new springs. With 1.6 rockers, the springs come very close to hard bottom. Every time I read about this mod on the LT-1 in a magazine, they always change the springs.

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