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Roof Rattles


New member
Aug 29, 2006
So. Cal.
2004 Commerative Coupe
Hello all, new to the Forum.
After months of research and many agonizing discussions with the "Wifey" about the merits of owning another Corvette, I recently became the owner of a 2004 Commerative Edition " Blue Baby",
I had no idea how far the Corvette had come since my last one, a Black on Black, glass top, 81 Beauty.( And I thought that was a Cool car !)
Any how, to my problem;
The removable roof panels, ( Both of them) don't seem to fit up tightly and sometimes "rattle" during rough road conditions. I saw in a forum somewhere a suggested cure for this condition and foolishly did'nt copy the procedure for the fix.
Any help??
FST1 ;help
Welcome! :w

There are adjustment points on the car. Remove the roof and at the top of the windshield, one on each side is a bracket held in place with 10MM bolts. The brackets move up and down. An open end wrench will work best in the tight space.

The roof itself has an adjustment with the threaded hook but be careful with this one. Too tight with it and it will pull the roof too tight and the bracket on the car. Do the front two first and stay away from this one. Most likely the rattle is from the fronts.

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