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Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1.

Mar 27, 2003
Mustang, OK
'13 427 60th vert - '21 Silver Flare Coupe - CTS V Wagon(4-door Vette)
Depends on whether you are racing and have to have every bit of HP your motor can muster.

For a regular car, Mobil 1 is my choice.

I used Mobil 1 in my old '92 Vette from the day it was new. In 2003 woth 103,000+ miles I decided to add HP to the car. When the motor was opened up, the mechanic did not find any wear in the motor - no ridges in the cylinders, no wear on any of the bearing surfaces, no need to machine anything. It want back together with fresh standard bearing and rings.

Btw, I changed the oil filter every 3500 to 4000 miles and the oil got changed out between 12k and 15k miles. I pretty much did my own thing with the oil and filter change intervals and ignored the oil change light. I'm still following these 'rules' with my present cars.

vett boy

Well-known member
Feb 10, 2005
Florida sometimes Maine
2008 vert 6M silver
Any thoughts on this Topic?
First your filter will fail before Mobil 1 will fail.
Second .under normal Corvette driving Purple will probably give a little longer engine life maybe 10 %.I don't believe actual tests have been done only theory.
For the cost ,i'll hang with Mobil 1,Mobil 1 filters and change my oil at 60 %.


I agree guys..I've been using Mobil 1 since 1976. In all Cars and Lawn equipment. Changed once a year or 15K Mi.
Until 1999, I had a Craftsman push mower my Mother gave me in 1972.Used it every weekend. Changed the Mobil 1 every Fall.Would start with one pull untill it finally wore out.

Go Mobil 1.


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Sep 27, 2006
Blk Mtn, NC
1972 Bryar Blue Coupe 1993 40th Coupe
I have had similar good luck with Mobil 1. My 93 LT1 has 140K on the clock. Last year I got invited to the Optispark party and while I had the oil pan and timing cover off I looked around. No sludge, no deposits and the bottom of the pan wiped clean with a little debri that would cover a fingertip. No ridges in bottoms of cylinders and bottoms of pistons were clean, no deposits.
My change schedule is oil and filter at 5K miles.

Black Bart

Looks like most here are not aware that Mobil-1 has changed.
With the new CF4 oil all oil has changed their formula but M1 was made cheaper even before that.
For those who are interested in learning more here is a link
To get the real proof you need to look at the UOA on M1 they are not nearly as good as some much cheaper oils.
The new Exxon Mobil is not the same as when it was just Mobil

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