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Rpo Z49



Just got my build sheet and window sticker from the N.C.M. It lists RPO Z49 Canadian base equipment. Does anyone know what this includes!!!!!:beer

Don't know of a RPO Z49 :confused

But a "C49" is a rear window defogger?

Just in case it's a typo error;)
I've been lookin' too, but can't find any "Z" listings for '82. Prior years and after '82, yes, but 1982 = no. :(


Isn't your car originally a Z49 car?

I think I remember from somewhere that Rob said his was a Canadian ZR1 and he may be able to shed some valuable light here!!
Thanks for the info, I wonder if that is all Z49 includes.
Maybe a larger heater for us Canucks EH !!!! LOL:s

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