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Sad sight for sore eyes


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Jun 20, 2001
Valrico, Fl.
1969 Triple Black Convertible: 2014 Crys Red Conv
Here's a '67 coupe in a 1 car barn. This car has had more people look at it than any 1 Vette at any car show.

...isn't that one of 59Tom's friends? :p

:cry that IS a crying shame....

It hurts to even look at it.....actually, I run by this house a few times a week, and noticed a '67 roadster sitting in the driveway for months.

One day I stop and ring the doorbell to ask if perhaps its for sale. Understand, this car has a hole in both front and rear ends; the interior is a mess (probably much like the car in the garage). I wish I had a digital camera as I would include a pic.

Anyway, I talk to the owner and it turns out he is the original owner. Its been sitting there since 1978!! He was driving it during the blizzard we had in New England, had an accident and hasn't moved since. Why he was driving it in February when snow was forecast is a good question, but I didn't ask.

He told me that it wasn't for sale because he planned on restoring it. I didn't have the heart to ask him what he was waiting for.
Here's how it looks if you're crusin down the road.
Can you find the hidden Corvette? Look closely.
'67 Corvette

I resemble that remark. Looks like he got the paint stripped and lost interest.

The only paint stripping has been done by mother nature. This car has sat in that barn for the last 27 years. The glass is so thin by the fuel neck, you can almost push your finger thru it.
Dearest a69vette,

Seems as though you have an identical twin! I swear that same vette drives around my neighborhood day after day after day. It's quite amusing. Everyone stares at it cuz it's sooo loud. We've given eachother "the wave" at least 10 times! I love it!

Several stories are behind the car.
Story Number 1. It belonged to a quy who went to Vietman. He left the car with his mom and he was killed over there. Mom won't sell the car because it's the only memory she has of her son.
Answer: Not true. The car was last tagged in 1974. Someone added some aftermarket headrests to the seats. Only they bolted the headrest thru the seat back and it broke. The carpet is now a shag green. Behind each seat the floor was cut out to receive a couple of 6X9 speakers. The car has aftermarket side exhaust.
Story number 2. The husband and wife got a divorce. Husband has the car, wife has the title. Car stays at mom's house. Can't get a new title for the car.
Answer: Not true. You can always get a title.
Story number 3. Guy got the car. ragged it pretty bad. No top of the motor is left (no intake, no heads) and no transmission. It's been sitting so long, he just doesn't care.
This is the one I belive (also explained by one of the neighbors).
What a shame!!

Is this car somewhere between Tampa and Lakeland? I was on a business trip in Winter Haven a few months ago when I met a fellow that works in our Lakeland office. He is not a Corvette guy at all. However, he was telling the Vietnam story about this mid year Corvette near Lakeland/Tampa. He described it as being all rusty. Looking at the picture, I can see how a non-Corvette guy would think that car is rusting. I just thought he was crazy.

He described that picture to a T. What are the odds?
Chris, I would say this is the car. It's located in south Lakeland. I think everybody in Lakeland knows about this car.
Gross Vette

Had a friend that stripped the blue metleflake off of his '64 coupe. It was his daily driver and he used it as his business car in his job as a bank equipment tech. (Do you know they use roots blowers to push those containers through the tubes at the drive up windows?) Drove it a couple years like that. Looked like :puke

It's still there, drove by it yesterday. The Viet Nam story seems to be the most repeated version. The house does not look lived in now so I suspect it will be disposed of pretty soon. I have talked to at least two people who went to the door to ask and both came away with the 'wierd people' impression.


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