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Santa Brought Nikki a C5 for Christmas


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Okay, it is finally official. Thank you to all who knew about this surprise here at CACC and did not let it slip out. The whole plan worked like a charm. I even had bro_ken send an e-mail to my house to throw her off the trail and make her think she was getting new rims for the 90 model.

Anyway, it was tough, but I was able to hunt down the car, arrange the financing, take the down payment out of the bank, and hide the car since last week from her sight. It all came together today.

I think she almost wet her pants. Here are some pics.

BTW, it is a 2000 torch red six speed with glass top, HUD, memory seats, active suspension, etc. etc.
Chris YOU ARE A CLASS ACT... I love your style..

Congrats Nikki

Wow.....Santa was good to someone!!! :D Congratulations Nikki!:SANTA
I am starting to have trouble with my puter, but I will try her to post up a few more pics.

Hey Rob, what can we do now to give Nikki her own identity on CACC? She is getting tired of surfing and posting under 69MyWay (especially with her new red rocket).
Congrats on the new toy! It's going to take a month to wipe that grin off of Nikki's face...

Enjoy and be safe. Merry Christmas everyone.


Nice job Chris, and yes...... I'm amazed with everyone that knew about it, nobody slipped and let the cat out of the bag. Congrats Nikki..... I can't wait to see it in person.

........... Nut
You made the right decision. That is a lot safer than a souped up old one.

The smile on her face in the first pic is fantastic. Good for you both.

I wish I had a Corvette that good.

See if Nikki can register with the forums using the same computer that you guys use at home. I don't think she will be able to do so because the system should automatically recognize you and see that you're registered, but go ahead and give it a try. If she can't do it, let me know.

WOW Congratulations, Nikki! What a beauty...and it's Torch Red! Absolutely gorgeous..and you look terrific in it. :D

Give my Congratulations to Nikki. That Smile says it all!! :upthumbs

As Racer78 suggests, You can create a seperate user identity for Nikki under Users in the Control Panel if your using Windows.
She will then have her own set of cookies when she logs in on her identity.
Here I am

Did it, now 69MyWay's better half has arrived in style.

C5 Nik!

Well somebody's been a good girl..... and the correct christmas colors.

Red in the garage
Green flyin out of your pocket!



PS I'll bet Chris get's to drive it ( to wash it, run errands, etc.)
Good job Chris!

I love hearing about surprises like that! :grinsanta

Nikki - you are one lucky lady!

Sounds like it's a good thing you added that extra garage... :_rock

Barb :w

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