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sellecting valve springs


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Apr 17, 2001
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you might want to look into BEE HIVE VALVE SPRINGS, if they are available for your application. they allow both a lighter spring with the same pressures and a smaller dia, and lighter weight retainer , giving greater rocker clearance and lighter inertial loads at high rpm
check with your cam supplier they tend to cost slightly more but they can give you some additional rpm capacity and lower stress
keep in mind the seat dia. on the heads is usually limited or set by what can be machined ,the coil bind or stack height and installed height must match the cam lift clearance and and both the open and stationary s, issues like inside dia. and distances between retainer and valve guides ETC. dictate the valve seals that can be used, spring loads must match the application, yes
when you sellect a cam, the cam supplioer will generally suggest matched springs, and an installed height and matched components, and yes they have a marked interest in your engine performing well , so they will tend to give good info, they are NOT just trying in most cases ,to increase thier profits by selling you stuff you don,t need.
yes stock springs are fine IN SOME APPLICATIONS, but you must ALWAYS check spring clearances and loads and valve train geometry
theres a big differance in spring quality between the O.E.M and the better aftermarket springs and running double or triple springs can at times be an option, remember lighter valve train components usually reduce stress, allow less spring pressure and resulting valve train wear, and tend to increase the rpm range



Id use any decent quality springs from any NAME BRAND manufacturer reguardless of brand if the specs matched the required clearances and loads, naturally the manufacturer of the cam has a vested interest in your engine running correctly so thier advice should be taken seriously, but because its a very competative market they will rarely point out the BEST springs, opting for the slightly more that adequate choice to keep the costs lower and make the sale, knowing that in most cases thats going to be the best compromise , but I certainly would avoid "deals" from sources like EBAY where your not sure what your getting and they have little to loose selling cheap imported junk, after all its YOUR engine thats going to be damaged if they fail, and quality COSTS more than JUNK!

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