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Service ASR warning


North 40

I recently purchased a Throttle Performance Switch
from MidAmerica and after the first few minutes of it being installed, I received this warning along with the Service engine soon warning.
I removed the TPS and the warnings were gone.
Any ideas??

John :hb

After the sensor is installed it must be adjusted. Did you do that? Alot of the aftermarket stuff comes with incomplete info. I have the adjustment sequence if you need it direct from Chevrolet.

Hey Rocko,

I'm a newbe with this stuff.
What's the adjustment sequence?

John :confused

I guess my first question is do you own a digital volmeter? The setup requires you to measure the voltage which is a function of the throttle position angle. Maybe C4/C5 may have a less technical method of setting this switch up. This member i beleive is trained in auto repair. Do you have a fax number? It would be easier to send you the info with pictures right of the GM service manual I have for my 88 Vette.

HI there,
Just remember, that even if you have a misadjusted TPS, the code will not set immediately. It will take alot of time to realize a misadjusted TPS>
Personally, I would say it was not allowing the TPS signal to the PCM. When this occurs, the service ASR will occur, due to the fact that the ASR needed critical throttle position information to correctly function, which it does not see.
Honestly, I would either not put it in, or return it for another.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

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