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(Service) Electronic Column Lock



My '97 C5 displays the all to familiar "Service Column Lock" message in the display window. When I insert the ignition key and start the car, the steering column remains locked. Sadly, I do not have an active warranty for my car, so I must go it alone (or with the help of my friends at the "Corvette Action Center Community").

The good news is that the car is tucked safely away in my garage. The bad news is the car is tucked safely away in my garage (and I am about to join AAA since I will need to flatbed it to the mechanic) unless I come up with a plan.

Please advise me as to the cost and time needed to effect repair or possibly bypass the column lock problem.

Thank you for considering my challenge.


PKB :confused

I am not much help, but I feel for you. Please be patient, we have a few members that CAN help you. I'll watch this and see what happens if you don't get an answer or some help, we'll see what we can do to get you some advice..

You need to be driving that beautiful Corvette ;)


I can tell you how to unlock your column. Did you flatbed it to the dealer yet? Let me know, it is pretty easy, I will send you instructions on how to do it. Sorry I did not see your post sooner.


These guys have pictures along with the procedure. I have done it a couple of times, let me know if you have problems. The main thing is to get to the connector that leads to the column lock
mechanism. Then it is a matter of applying the correct polarity to the proper wire in the connector. One way locks the column, the other unlocks it.



Sorry about so many posts. But GM is responsible to get your car to a dealer and repair it. You will have to press this point with some dealers. However, the column lock problem is well known and several dealers have had to pick up cars that this has happened to when the owners were not at home. If you do not get satisfaction, let me know. Until then, if you do not wish to do the column lock stuff yourself, get on the phone and politely demand service. If it was a defect in the transmission that disabled vehicles at any time, you can bet that GM would be towing them in. The column lock problem is no different when it comes to disabling you car.

Sorry to here about the column lock problem. I hope it is taken care of. GM is responsible because it is a defect that is known about. They should pay for it and not you. Cars have been recalled due to it, so you car should not be any different. Like C%phil said, get on your local dealer to fit it. They know about the problem. Good luck.

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