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Service Engine Soon question




Are there sensors in the '96 vettes that will turn on the Service Engine Soon light if the coolant high fill reservoir pressure cap is removed without opening and closing the air bleed valve on the water pump inlet? I am hoping so, as today my Service Engine light came on and stays on steady. I opened the reservoir last night to check the coolant level without using the bleed valve.

I'm going to use the bleed valve later and then drive for a few days to see if that was the problem. If not, how much does the dealer charge to pull the fault codes from the OBD-II?

I haven't changed fuel (I always use 93 octane), I haven't hit any high water, nothing has changed, yet the light is on... :confused

False alarm

I used the bleed valve on the water pump intake, added some more coolant, drove the car and the light went off. I'm assuming (and hoping) that was the reason the light came on in the first place.

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