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"Service Ride Control Light On"! What To Do?


Don Martin

My 92 LT-1 Corvette has FX-3 ride control and the "service ride control" light just came on. I turned off the engine and restarted it and it went off but later today after turning off the engine and driving it again that trick no longer works. The car rides the same.

I am leaning towards finding a fuse to disable the light or the ride control anyway. It's of no use.

Thanks in advance


look at page 2 under a post "fault codes" i have the same problem

hope it helps ya out

Thanks for the reply and also to the tech answer. Right now I think I will see if I can disable the display light or better yet the entire system. My feeling all along was as soon as something went wrong with the FX-3 could I just get rid of it.

It's in the catagory with wrap around windshields and speed/volume control.

Thanks again.

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