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"Service Traction Control" message


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Aug 30, 2006
New York
2001 Black on Black A4 Coupe
"3. Hold the OPTIONS button down, and press the FUEL button 4 times. (This will get you into the "codes" section of the DIC"

This would explain why Im not getting the codes I need since I'm holding Fuel and pressing Options four times :p <smacks head>.

The "Service Traction Control System" fairy must have stopped by and left me another present in my DIC again (intermittent problem since I got the car).

Cleaning the ground points up front and the connectors on each wheel did seem to help for a while, but the problem is back again.

Read all I could find on the problem here. No water in the passenger side floor, can't really find the AC drain (but I do put out a lot of water when the AC is on, so the drain is probably working ok, at least theres no water inside the car, the RBCM "or whatever you call the silver box under the passenger footwell accerss panel" is dry and all the connections seem good). I thought I read that there were also two computer boards, one under each seat, but I don't find any. The battery looks good, no evidence of a leak or problems there. Downloaded the chart of all the ground points on the frame. Cleaned the front two in the engine compartment (looked a little corroded, nothing terrible), popped two of the others which looked ok (passenger side by the seatbelt roller, and the pass side under the glovebox (which by the way, if you dont happen to be a snappon dealer, you probably wont have the "angulated 2347 crimping hex head socket adapter" that you would need to get the bolt holding the ground packet to the frame off, how do they get these things in here?), repacked the ones I opened with di-electric grease. Really not looking forward to pulling everything apart to get at the other nine ground points.

(and yes, now that I see the error I was committing, even though I had the printout in my hand while working on the car today, I will go back and get the codes tomorrow).

Its probaby a connection (or water issue) I would imagine because the problem has been intermittent, about 90% of the time all is well, the other 10% I have the error. Most of that 10% nothing I do seems to help.

Is there a particular ground point that is the likely culprit when you get either "Service Active Handeling" or "Service Traction Control System" on the DIC ?
Oct 25, 2002
Lilburn GA
2002 Yellow Z06 (sold); 1999 Pewter FRC (sold)
I moved your post out to a separate thread so maybe you'll get more eyes on your problem.
Let us know what codes you pull out.



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Sep 2, 2002
2000 Silver Convertible
Don't rule out water shorting the BCM. I had an electrical problem with my 2000 Vert., there was no sign of water on the outside of the BCM case or anywhere around it. When I opened up the BCM case, the printed circuit board had signs of water running over it and shorting the componuts. I cleaned both sides with electronic cleaner, Q-tips, and rags, put it back in the car. No problem for about a month. :upthumbs

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