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I've been meaning to sell my original wiper doorn set-up, as I want to get a long-style L-88 hood. I'm selling it complete with the door, it's linkage, grille, limit switch, vacuum actuator with bracket, vacuum valves and new hoses cut from a Dr.Rebuild kit. If I get no offers here, I'll put it on Ebay soon and will provide a link for those who are interested. I'll get pictures soon.

My stock hood is also for sale minus hardware, but Steve has first dibs on it. The only thing is that I still haven't found a way to package it up properly without shipping being waaayyy expensive. I'll drive as far West as San Antonio or as far East as the Lousiana border. If anyone's willing to trade for an L-88 long hood, let me know.

There's also my original BB radiator for an auto transmission which is solid, but needs to be flushed. Like I said, if there's not much interest here at a certain price, I'll put it on Ebay and list a link. See ya.



Steve had made me an offer on the hood, but like I said it's too big that I'd fear shipping would be too expensive. I'm not sure what the market prices are on the wiper door set-up, but I think I high-marked Tyla awhile back. I have no idea what the swap meet prices are at, but don't be afraid to make me an offer.

These are going to go up on Ebay soon, if nothing else. I'll probably start out low and see what happens.



Hey Bullit

How's it going? Haven't surfed here in awhile so I don't know whats going on.

Looks like you have your stuff almost finished Chris?

Hey Bullit how is your build coming along?


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