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She's leaving me for awhile...



I'm dropping the Blue Beast off tonite for her paint job that's going to take place over this winter season.
It's going to be strange not seeing her in the garage for so long, although the reason I've decided to take her in already is because we're going to start our garage addition soon (keeping my fingers crossed, the permit is supposedly being mailed today).

I can't wait 'til Spring!!!
Barb :w
clutch fixed yet?

Have you gotten your 71's clutch pedal/TO bearing/vibration problem diagnosed/fixed? If so, what gives?
Sorry Barb!

I know the feeling of putting her away. This is my last week driving my lady and after Sunday, she'll be driven up north for the winter and put under lock and key. It's so sad...I"m right there with ya. But just think about how BEAUTIFUL :upthumbs she'll be when spring arrives! :cool

With all you've done to her lately, that's got to be one of the newest 71s around. I may just have to find an excuse to go to Chicago next spring; my wife has some family in Cary Illinois, perhaps a visit is in order ;). Oh yeah, you did have to mention that HUGE garage again, just keep making me jealous :t.

I can't wait to see pics of the beast and her new home upon completion.
Re: clutch fixed yet?

Jack said:
Have you gotten your 71's clutch pedal/TO bearing/vibration problem diagnosed/fixed? If so, what gives?

Sorry I've been meaning to write a follow-up in the other thread...
I took her back to the mechanic who did the tranny and they couldn't find a thing wrong (go figure). I've only driven her a couple times since getting her back again (the weather has STUNK around here!), and the weird pedal-catch-thing hasn't happened again. The vibration doesn't seem as bad anymore either. He said the only option would be to replace the clutch (even though this one only has 10,000 miles on it). I guess I'll wait until I get her back from the paintjob and see what happens next Spring...

Eric, if you do get up to these parts (Cary is only 5 minutes from my house), make sure to let me know! It would be especially cool if our Vettes could meet too!! :)

Barb :w
So that's why you are so gung-ho on babysitting my new baby. I should have known you had ulterior motives. ;)

You've gotta post some pics after the new paintjob.
BBB454 said:
I'm dropping the Blue Beast off tonite for her paint job that's going to take place over this winter season.
I can't wait 'til Spring!!!
Barb :w

Happy to hear you are getting your Baby painted. I see you are leaving her there all winter... Have you made provisions to have her started weekly, or set her up with your normal winterization? The reason I ask is I had my '67 in a body shop in Nebraska (1978) and had a ground up done. She spent about six months there, when the guy calls and said we have your care done, BUT, I think your car threw a rod or something.. :mad as hell, I paid the guy, and trailered it home to start trouble shooting. It turned out being a piece of "Carbon" lodged on top of #5 Piston...

From that point on I ALWAYS filled a pepis bottle with water and ran it through the carb before storing for winter.. (not recommended for cars from 1976 and older unless the cat. is removed).

I know just one more thing to worry about.. sorry but if I can save you the same feelings I had and the time it took to get mine back on the road,, it's worth it ;)

Hope you had a good time on your vacation. The Fall Color Run in La Crosse, Wisc. was nice but it rained the whole darn day. Made lots of new friends though.

Ill drive Ol Blue thru Nov. if theres no salt on the roads, like i did last year. Then, it will go into deep hypernation in a heated 40 degree garage till end of March (with occasional winter runs on the road when its clear). Next April , the Club is caravanning down to the NCM , a factory tour, and Mid America for a tour. Check out the website for more info at :www.sunburstcorvetteclub.com

Hope you like the paint job they do.

Barb, She may be hard to part with now, but think how pretty she will look in spring :)
Update pics

I went to visit her on Saturday because she just got back from her media blasting (poor baby, I'll bet that was traumatic!) :L

They were pleasantly surprised to find no major body damage (just what my mother-in-law caused and a small patch that was in that exact same spot prior). Now for the bad news - the windshield pillars/frame are very rust-rotted and will need to be replaced.

I took some pics, here she is...
Here's the driver's side pillar - OUCH!

Barb :w

"OUCH" doesn't even come close, you have my heartfelt sympathy. She might hate you at the moment but when this is all over she will thank you:). Some day I'll take a pic of my radiator support so we can comiserate - so far, that's the only problem I have with rust. Keep up posted!

- Eric
Thats abuse !!! Im going to report you to the D.C.A.B. (dept. of Corvette abuse bureau).... It may also fall under penal code ASFSE....(a sight for sore eyes) .

You brute !

That brings back recent painful memories. I need a tetanus just looking at that :puke The good news is, you have a professional bodyshop doing the work and it will be good as new in no time.

The sad part is, there are plenty of really nice cars out there just as rotten and the owners don't know it, or don't want to know it.
When i bought "Ol Blue" 6 years ago...i was one of those green Corvette buyers. Luckily, all i found were some bubba-ized silly things that i had to straighten out...like no sway bar on the front end. Luckily and i mean luckily...it had no frame rust or pillar rust or worse. I often think of how stupid i was not to take a seasoned Vett-eran along with me , or, at least have Car-Checkers look it over.

Man...i sure hope Spring comes early this year. Im getting Corvette Feva' !!!

Here's an update...

I've been going to visit her every month or so and taking pics along the way. They were at a standstill for a while waiting for the new windshield frame parts (then the place sent two of the same side so they had to wait for them to send the right one). But now the frame is done and looks awesome!!

They also ordered a quart of the original color - Bridgehampton Blue - and sprayed an old panel for me to look at to decide if I want to go back to the stock color or not. I have it sitting in my living room so I can look at it for awhile. My first inclination is it's OK but doesn't make me say "Wow, that's cool". And I have no idea what color was used on the last paint job but I really liked it alot. It was "bluer" (if that's a word) - a little richer, deeper color. So now the age-old question - make it stock or make it what I want?

And a question for the knowledge base here - what color is on this 63 GS? I got this picture out of the book "Corvette The American Legend" but I'm sure you've all seen it. What do you think this would look like on a shark?

Barb :w
I'm not sure what they called the 63 GS Blue, I believe the 96 GS Like twiget's (Jason's) is called Admiral Blue

Body panels look nice.. a naked Shark.. and still gorgeous ;)


The end result is going to well worth the wait. The GS Blue looks a lot like the color of (Dale) DDL-81's 1981. I have a picture I took at Bowling Green last summer I could send you. Dale said it was a GM (Camaro) color. Send me a pm with your email and I'll shoot it over. Glad you found the pilar rust now. Thank goodness mine '81 was an Arizona car for most of it's life. Not a speck anywhere (so far). Hang in there, spring is just around the corner.

........... Nut

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