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She's running again!!


Mar 2, 2002
Dark Blue 1982 Trans Am(s): Polo Green 1995 MN6

After many months of trying to juggle work, family, dog, yard, house, complete EFI install... I finally got the old shark running. Now, I still need the chance to get the new carpet installed as well as some new seats (I haven't decided what seats I'm going to use). The important thing is that it is running. It is rough- but running. I'm not sure which is worse- the lack of tune or six month old gas.

She tried so hard to kick over in spite of the bad gas and lack of tune. When she did- wow. It still sounded AWESOME.


Hopefully, I'll get the chance to set the base idle, adjust the IAC and set the TPS one evening this week. Today was just enough though to get it all together and cranked. She sounded great all things considered. I think the L82 and the TPI make for a mean combination. Even though I had to kep her above stalling (the idle isn't set)- she really wanted to rev.

I started at about 5am wih the install of the fuel pump. I have an external pump mounted along the frame next to the tank and just behind the back most portion of the cabin (essentially, the pump is right behind the rear passenger speaker). I found the easiest way to get access back there was to remove the tail lights. I've mounted them there before, but this is the first time I went through the tail lights to get to the fuel pump. I also created barbed ends on the factory line on the frame and coming from the tank. With my fuel injection hose and a couple of clamps- the re-purposed factory lines are working out great.

I noticed a small leak around the passenger side water passage where the head met the intake. Yes, I did use RTV... but that wasn't the problem. Apparently, when I torqued the intake down when it was colder earlier this year... it was tight then, but with warmer temps and the lack of thermal cycles- the bolts were seemed rather loose today. Go figure. So, once they were tightened down things were fine and the slow drip of coolant leaking subsided. I went ahead and checked every bolt on the intake and they all needed a little more tightening. Oh well. No big deal.

The fuel lines were another story. The return line had to be flared again on the OEM hard line by the AC compresor. I couldn't get it to stop a slow leak of gasoline... so out came the pipe cutter and the flaring tools. It isn't fun to flare fuel lines between the fender, frame, and exhaust manifolds. But when it was redone- it stopped. I guess the flare I made in February was off just enough to give me some problems in a slow leak. All the other flares were made with my new flaring tool. The high side was just fine- and I'd rather the low pressure be the leak versus the supply line in. Go figure.

With the exception of those two things... everything looked great and held up perfectly. It did take forever (it seemed) to crank. I think it was the combination of being out of tune and the old gas.

So, I pulled her back into the garage for the evening. I had to sit on a small box (no seats inside yet)- but wow, it felt good that she was under her own power again.

I'm really happy with the chip, harness, SLP runners, custom linkages, Aeroquip parts / lines, and all the other one-off parts I've either created or purchased from more talented folks.

Jul 28, 2003
1982 Collector Edition
Good deal Johnny.. :upthumbs

I do have the pic in my mind of you sitting on the box in the car though. :L

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