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I have a 1980 corvette , 3speed automatic and when it shifts it shifts kinda rough , i mean by that it 's not smooth and it kinda jumps when it shifts, could this be my transmission belts need adjusting or what is the problem?
Transmission belts?

Our '81 shifts rather sharply too. Especially at part throttle when the converter is locked. It is the nature of the beast. I have thought it would be nice to have an overide switch on the converter to keep it unlocked aroun town. Progbably wouldn't be hard to install a simple on/off switch in the wire controlling the converter lockup and mount it somplace inconspicuouse but easy too reach.

I'm assuming that the '80 does have a lockup converter. I'm not that familiar with the "newer" Corvettes except the '81 and that is because the wife bought it new. Time is a great educator.


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