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Should Chevrolet go for a hypercar?


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Nov 6, 2020
United states
I thought id put this here because the C8 is the latest generation as of 2/11/21
Do you think Chevrolet should make a corvette hypercar?
With every new corvette that comes out the designs look wilder and wilder, and for a car to have a wild design, it must be faster!
The c8 in my opinion is already a super car in my book, But I think if they really wanted to and tried they could make a hypercar. Imagine a corvette hyper car. The car that would bring american supercars out of the forgotten darkness (besides the SSC Tuatara). Chevrolet could possibly do american cars some justice if they want too!

What do you think? Should Chevrolet make a hyper car, or should they tone it down and keep corvettes as super and sports cars.


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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1
I definitely don't think a hypercar could hurt the marque and only help it.

The Corvette has always been GM's platform to showcase new technology - technology that eventually trickles down to other platform within the GM family.

Based upon what we've heard, a Corvette hypercar is definitely coming down the pipeline - it's just a matter of when. This also isn't surprising since GM wants to roll out 35 new EVs by 2025.

While I'm not overly thrilled about the whole EV thing (I happen to enjoy internal combustion engines), I am anxious to see what GM Design can do for the Corvette since a Corvette EV won't have an engine taking up space. That leaves room for GM Designers to really play around with the overall lines and shape of the Corvette.

Time will tell.

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