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Should I Re-Paint My Black Rose?



Not sure if I should repaint my '93 Black Rose Vette. I haven't seen any that particular color. I wonder why? I am new to the Vette world. I am also a young woman, and whenever I go places to ask about something for my Vette they look at me like I am crazy and sometimes I have been ignored. I love my Vette, but not sure what I have got myself into or what I can do to make it a nice Vette Also, I am not sure why I have only seen the Ruby Red 40th in advertisements. Mine is also a 40th. Whats going on with my "Purple Vette". Was it not a popular color? Is it better to change the color? I am so confused about this car, and info or help will be appreciated.
Welcome to the CAC. Black Rose is a great color. If it is in good shape I wouldn't consider painting it. It was only offered '92-'94 so it is a fairly unusual color.:cool
Welcome iamthenv!

I think the black rose color is very nice, and I'd keep it. At not quite 10 years old, I can't imagine your paint would need to be redone, unless you just want a different color.

Keep plugging away, and educate yourself about your vette. You will command more respect at the parts places when you know what you're talking about. Still, it appears your parts service personnel are poor in customer relations. I'd find a friendlier parts place.

Just like the Ruby Red 40th, my 78 is a 25th Silver Anniversary (special paint option) but all 1978 vettes are considered silver anniversaries. Yours is a 40th, but is not the "chosen anniversary color". Personally, I like the distinction you have with a 40th Anniv. in a different color.

Silver aka:Heidi

ps, I like your envious CACC name!
No! No!

I've always loved the "Black Rose" color...don't repaint it! Enjoy your first Corvette...there are many women here who own and love their Corvettes! Ask away...there's always someone here who can help!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
Thanks You Guys

Thank you for making me feel beter about this car. Don't get me wrong I love everything about it! It is just a little frusrtating to see that poeple can be so rude. I took my Vette for an oil change at the dealer, the mechanic told me straight out "I hate working on Corvettes", wow!! made me feel really good about leaving my Vette with him.
Thanks again for the info. I'll continue to ask away!! Heidi thanks, those are my initials NV, so I AM the NV :w Fits really well, with a Corvette owner.
Only 935 Black Rose corvettes in 93. Makes it a rare color. I think it is a great color. If it needs paint I would repaint it the original Black Rose. Chuck
If I took it to Chevy would it be possible to get it the same color? how does that work. the last owner, did not take good care of it!! The poor thing was totally neglected. It has slight oxidation, and two deep scrathes, oh and somehow, somebody drove on wet cement, and has dried cement on the bottom side of it. Otherwise it is an awsome car and has very low milege. Best of all I got one heck of a deal on it!!
I love the blackrose color. Any pictures? Just hang out here and learn everything you can so nobody can take advantage of you. This is a very friendly community and people will always help you out here. Find somebody who doesn't mind working on Vettes. It's too bad that the idiot doesn't like working on 'em - but I wouldn't give him my business..

If the car needs repainting, any good bodyshop should be able to get the color and repaint it to look original. But, I wouldn't expect to pay anything less than about $5000.00 for a good blackrose paintjob...
Hello and welcome to the forum. Just for your information...1993 was indeed the 40th anniversary of the corvette. However, only the 6,749 (I think) corvettes built with RPO Z25 (Ruby Red Anniversary Package) are actually considered 'anniversary corvettes'. Despite having other colors offered for that year (like your Black Rose), you could only get the anniversary package in Ruby Red.

They tend to hold their value just a little bit better than the average 1993 corvette in the same condition.

Oh...and in my humble opinion, if you do decide to repaint...definately repaint it in the original color!
Welcome aboard, NV!

Glad to see another lady here at CAC. Trust me, you'll learn something new about your Vette every day if you visit the forums here! And if you ever have a question, don't be afraid to ask it here - there are a bunch of nice, friendly, helpful folks here. I still ask many more questions than I answer (some day I hope that will be reversed).

One piece of advice I have for you, is find a good Corvette mechanic (not necessarily the dealership) who is happy to see a lady driving. I have found a couple here near me and it makes it much easier to leave my baby with them when I know they love them too. You can check the Portal here and search for a shop near you.

Sounds like your paint might just need some work done to it instead of a full paint job? You might want to try finding something to remove the oxidation (I've heard something about clay bars - maybe check out the Zaino website?). And there has to be some way to get the dried cement off but unfortunately I don't know what it is... As Sal said, expect to pay at least $5k for a good paint job on a Vette (mine is in the shop right now).

Anyway, welcome aboard!
Black rose coolest color

I ordered the black rose on a 94 vette with gray interior, I thought, and still do think it was the best color out. If you change the color it will bring the value down on your car not to mention it will show signs of repaint no matter who paints it(unless it's totally taken apart).

You should be able to buff the paint thats faded unless the clearcoat is warn though. $5000 is way too high for a paint job unless some body work is required. C4 vettes are easier to prep and paint than most average cars (very little trim and no dings). Don't let them tell you just because it's a vette is cost more to paint, thats B.S.

Also, all 93 vettes are anniversery models but the ruby red ones are a special edition model with, I believe different emblems.

In my opinion, keep the original color it is the best color, I wish I still had mine(I love that car).

Thats a lot of good info, i knew nothing about Vettes til I came here. Thanks for the info. I will try to buff the paint. Hubby is in the military, so I am always left behind to take care of things. But I really enjoy working on my Vette. I even went out and bought a sticker for my window that says "bad ass girls, drive bad ass toys" and has the chevy emblem. It is so awsome to drive a Vette, you feel so free!!! And it turns lots of heads!!! I think that is the best part of it!
"You feel so free...and it turns lots of heads"

I was SUCH a nerdy-bookworm in high school...and I am now enjoying ALL of the attention I get with my Vette! ;)

Bad @$$ girls DO drive bad @$$ toys! :dance
:) Just tell the curosity seekers you got it from Prince as a present :)

I think the color sounds great. Their just hating on ya cause your sportin a Vette. If your happy with it, and it sounds like ya are, sport it baby. Let the haters hate. Nothing wrong with being a stand-out in the crowd, a Vette is gonna stand out anyways. The people here are great, they've helped me out tremendously, and their also pretty cool. Mine is red, but I would love to see a picture of yours, sounds like a cool color.
Hi NV,

Just want to tell you that 'Black Rose' is in my personal top 3 of best C4 colors. Next to yellow & red.
Especially a Black Rose with a beige interior... Oh boy!!!

This weekend I bought my first C4, a '91, and I'm having FUN with it!!! Especially here in the Netherlands... :J

Enjoy your Vette! I'm sure you will!!!

the Netherlands
the Export '91
I was quoted 2000 bucks to repaint my 94. This by a shop that has been in business for 25 years and the owner is a vette fan. He has done a bunch of them including my 75. This was without any bodywork of course, but a good price neverless. He told me it would be as smooth as the 75 is, and that is a pretty slick paint job. Shop around on a paint job and don't get ripped off.

Also you can try this polish called Fast wax. I put a post up a few weeks ago on it. It really made my paint look great. I am thinking of not getting it repainted now. It was also about the easiest stuff to put on I have ever seen. I would track down a can and try it for 10 bucks before I spent the money on paint. I was impressed with it.


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